Nightclub celebrates Taylor Swifts new album by displaying videos of Jake Gyllenhaal crying

scandal 15/11/2021

Taylor Swift definitely won this breakup...

A nightclub in LA celebrated Taylor Swifts' newest version of Red last weekend and threw some shade at Taylor's former flame Jake Gyllenhaal.

TikTok's of the night showed Swifties having the time of their lives listening to Taylor Swifts' lastest album while memes of Jake Gyllenhall were displayed on screens.

Allegedly the club put the montage of Jake Gyllenhaal up as a joke about his reaction to the new lyrics depicting their relationship. Later that night the club also put up a montage of Harry Styles when Taylor's song Style was played.

Going out with the girls, listening to Taylor Swift and shading her exes?! That's a night out that'll never go out of *Style*.