Latest Season of Grey's Anatomy drops exclusively on Disney+ today

scandal 20/10/2021

We hope you've got Disney+ Grey's fans...

The streaming platform announced this week that Season 18 of Grey's Anatomy will be premiering exclusively on Disney+ under 'Star' October 20th. 

 The new season is set to be extra exciting with the announce that Kate Walsh will be returning as the iconic Dr. Addison Montgomery.

Speaking with PEOPLE, Walsh said that her return to the set was both 'intense' and 'very intense'.

 "it was really beautiful. We reunited at the COVID test tent, and hugged each other with our masks on, and then went to go act with our masks on."

"It was just very emotional," she continued. "Like going back to your hometown and your family and your first best job ever all at once. It was a lot, it was great."