Vaccines Are Working - So Bring On Summer

scandal 02/09/2021

It’s already been 2 weeks of level 4 lockdown for NZ and with everyone South of Auckland moving to level 3, it is a good sign that we are getting back on track.

Now, why are we talking about this?

Ben McKay an Australian Associated Press New Zealand Correspondent was satisfied with the answer to his question about the hospitalisation of Kiwis who were in hospital due to COVID-19.

So with 34 kiwis currently hospitalised with covid-19, the good news is that even being partially vaccinated seems to be helping people stay out of hospital. 

Of the 34 kiwis currently hospitalised:

26 haven’t been vaccinated at all

8 have had one vaccination

0 have had two vaccinations

Knowing this information it is clear to see that the vaccine is doing its job!

Of course with the current outbreak, vaccinations have ramped up with the results below showing the share of people fully vaccinated and those who have only received one dose of the vaccine.


As of August 30th, 46% of New Zealand has received at least one dose of the vaccine.