Police concerned about 'courier text scam' hitting NZ

scandal 30/09/2021

Mobile phone companies are warning people across the country about a new text scam - claiming to be from courier companies.

The Department of Internal Affairs are very concerned about the "large scale attack" which has reached thousands of people over the past 24 hours since yesterday afternoon.

People are being warned not to reply to the text or to click any links if they recieve a text. Here are a couple of examples of the scam that people have recieved:

They suspect the scam involves malware called "Flubot". It's been doing the rounds around the world, luering people who have Android phones into clicking a link that looks like a legit company.

They then get people to install an app - which is actually malware designed to steal your personal info.

If you reckon your phone's been infected, get in touch with Netsafe to report the incident and they'll be able to help you out.

Text messages are often used by scammers who attempt "phishing" - tricking people into revealing personal deets that can then be used for identity theft or fraud.

Tricky, tricky. Stay safe out there fam.

Handy tips on how to keep your personal info safe online:

• Never disclose your banking passwords, PINs, passwords, security codes or personal financial information to anyone even if they say they are from the bank or the Police.

• If you receive an unexpected or suspicious email or text message never click on a link or download an attachment in it.

• Don't install software on your devices that you are not familiar with.

• Don't let anyone have remote access to your devices, regardless of where they say they are calling from.

• Protect your devices and accounts with strong passwords and keep all software up to date.

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