McDonald’s Have Announced What Grimace Actually Is

scandal 13/09/2021

McDonald's has creeped out a large number of people by finally revealing what one of its iconic characters, Grimace actually is.

You remember Grimace, right? He's the giant purple character who was painted on the walls of the kids' area at Maccas, alongside other well-known characters such as Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar.

Anyway, if you've seen that happy purple face on the wall of your local Maccas, perhaps you'd like to know that he's actually a gigantic representation of a taste bud.

Yep, he's a giant bump from someone's - or something's - tongue!

People have found this news disturbing, and it comes right from the top - the McDonald's Corporation.

According to award-winning McDonald's manager Brian Bates from Canada, Grimace is 'an enormous taste bud, but a taste bud nonetheless'.

In a tweet from 2014, this strange question was originally answered by the official McDonald's Corporation account, which posted: "Great question! #Grimace lore says he is the embodiment of a milkshake or a taste bud. What do you think?"

I mean he doesn’t exactly strike us as a milkshake but that’s better than a tastebud... surely?