Game Of Thrones Fans Realise Actor Is All Grown Up In Sex Education

scandal 24/09/2021

Season three of Sex Education has dropped recently and fans of Game of Thrones have only just recognised from an actor from another show after he's been in the show for two seasons...

British-Brazilian actor Lino Facioli appeared all grown up in this season of Sex Educations. His character, Dex Thompson is known as a smart teen who competes with Maeve in the quiz team. 

Fans of Game of Thrones are finding it a little hard to process that the child actor has grown up. Especially after his character ran around school naked! 

Facioli has definitely grown up and fans are overwhelmed at how much he's changed! Some are even going as far as comparing his glow-up to Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) as he was an awkward kid who grew into a hot man.

Congrats Lino Facioli for finally getting the recognition that he deserves!

You can watch Lino Facioli in Sex Education on Netflix.