Billie Eilish accused of "stealing" her debut single Ocean Eyes from Diamond White

scandal 01/09/2021

Back in 2015, an unknown singer called Billie Eilish uploaded 'Ocean Eyes' to SoundCloud and it quickly went viral. By 2016 'Ocean Eyes' was produced and available on all streaming platforms, and now she is one of the most significant artists of this decade. 

However, five years later, Singer Diamond White has called out Billie Eilish over the similarities between 'Ocean Eyes' and her 2013 song 'Fire Fighter'.

You be the judge. Do you hear the similarities...

Some Billie fans then began accusing Diamond of lying. One person tweeted: "so you titled a voice note with "2013" in hopes of us believing that it's from back then? girl bye".

So far, Billie Eilish has kept quiet on the topic. We’re sure we will hear more over the next few days.

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