The Top Tasty Locals You Need To Try Across Aotearoa

trending 15/09/2021

We asked New Zealand and you gave us loads of delicious places to eat out!

Travelling from the far north to down south we have all of the tasty suggestions on offer. There’s just too much to choose from!

Check out the best of the best below and vote for your favourite here.


Makana Chocolates
Makana Chocolates Have a range of confections and their macadamia butter toffee crunch is a local favorite! 

The Baker's Crust
The Baker's Crust range of freshly baked hand crafted goods have us drooling all over their cronuts.

Cuppacakes gourmet range of cupcakes are to die for and are certainly worth the trip!


Kookie Haus
Kookie Haus treats are next level with options for diabetics, vegans, gluten free, keto, sugar free and when you crave a sweet treat their 'Biggie S'mores' Cookie Dough Sandwich can’t be missed!

Daily Bread
Daily Bread's Hazelnut croissant is a crowd favourite in Auckland and we can’t blame them; they look and smell delicious.

Richoux Patisserie
Richoux Patisserie is the most friendly bakery in Ellerslie and the Awards Winning Pies are not to be missed.


Love Rosie Bakery 
If you are ever in Tauranga get yourself some Wholesome and lovingly made food, meaningful chat and banging coffee paired with a delicious almond croissant.

88 Chinese Restaurant
88 Chinese Restaurant are a must when in Tauranga! Word on the street is that they do the best BBQ Pork Pastries.

The Rising Tide 
Award-winning street food vendor Johneys Dumpling House run the kitchen at The Rising Tide, and Johney’s famous dumplings are all handmade by his dumpling masters.


Duck Island
Duck Isand's Ice Cream is undoubtedly the best! Have you checked out their flavour selection?

Mama's Donuts
Mama Rach and Mama Becs, along with their families put their heart and soul into creating delicious donuts, made the old-school way, by hand and with a whole lot of love!

Cream Eatery
Cream Eatery is the cutest cafe we have ever laid our eyes on and their cinnamon buns are sure to make your taste buds go WOW!


That Hangi Place
That Hangi Place serves everyone's favourite hangi and fried bread, desserts and kai moana. They don’t just do hangi; other specials on offer are pies, boil ups, brawns, paua, you name it if it is in stock, they cook it.

London Street Fish Shop
London Street Fish Shop’s Fish and Chips are not only a Gisborne favourite but a New Zealand classic. According to Gisbourne locals, London Street does it best!

Charcoal Chicken 
Gisborne's one and only, iconic, Charcoal Chicken serves roast chicken and meats, sandwiches and according to you the Pork 'Sammies' and Chips with Gravy are the go to!


Pauly's Diner
Pauly's Diner  Burgers, fried chicken and thick-shakes are done the right way in Taupo.

Baked With Love
Baked With Love has a large range of Gluten Free savoury and sweet options, including their famous Gluten Free Doughnuts that people have started traveling from all over the North Island for.

Paetiki Bakery
Paetiki Bakery’s pies are award winning with puffy pastry and filled to the brim with flavour and love! They also have SO many different flavour combinations to choose from!


Baked Rotorua 
Doughnuts, slices and cheesecakes are their specialty! Combine this with great coffee and friendly service and you have the makings for a great day in Rotorua.

Patrick's Pies
Patrick's Pies is where you will get top quality pies! Winning the supreme award 7 times, they are the best in the country!

With all the delicious baked goods it’s hard to choose just one thing when you head in to Guidoughs! If we had to pick though their caramel slice is a crowd favourite.

Hawkes Bay

Black Betty BBQ
with the low and slow approach Black Betty’s smash burgers are just one of things you can’t pass after getting a whiff of the BBQ!

Serendipity Cafe
Serendipity Cafe Custard squares are an absolute favourite at the cafe in Hastings!

BJs Bakery
BJs Bakery is a Father and Son operation and serves the freshest, sensational pastry treats oh and we HAVE to mention their meatballs!


Love a good donut? Who are we kidding, everyone does! Then Knead is the place for you with everyone raving about how good they are.

Humdingers Cakes
The Home of cakes, cupcakes, and sweat treats, Humdingers is a must stop in Taranaki!

Lunch Shack
The Best Bakery in the Naki according to all the comments we saw. If you stop in, make sure to try a pie, donut, or... the smoked brisket. Y.U.M.


Crafted and Co's
Crafted and Co's LOVE FOOD as much as we do with food trucks travelling all over the lower North Island. You'll have to try their 'Nuggs' if you see them out and about!

Little Fatty's Eatery
Little Fatty's Eatery does the best sweet treats in Manawatu and their doughnuts will forever live in our cream filled dreams!

Munch upholds a 100% gluten free and nut free policy which is AWESOME! If you visit make sure to get a Perky Nana Slice.


Clareville Bakery
Clareville Bakery offers European style breads, pastries, pies, cake and desserts including the very popular cronuts and micronuts WHAAAAT yes please!

Bicycle Kitchen 
It’s no secret doughnuts are favourite in Wairarapa. Bicycle Kitchen’s doughnuts are made with love, by hand with a butter and egg enriched brioche dough. YUM!

Ten O'Clock Cookie Bakery & Cafe
Ten O'Clock Cookie Bakery & Cafe is an award winning bakery with a large selection to choose from but there is just one thing on everyone’s mind when they are craving a delicious treat and that is their Opera Cake.


Buzz Cafe
Buzz Cafe's mission is simple: serve delicious, affordable food that guests will want to return to week after week and they certainly do that with their Cheese Scone.

Midnight Espresso
Midnight Espresso is an iconic Wellington café, offering delicious vegan, vegetarian options and the Wellingtonians favourite is vegan nachos!

Fidel's has been feeding and connecting Wellingtonians for 25 years! Our sources say their chicken & waffle pancakes are the best on the menu.


The Smoking Barrel
The Smoking Barrel serves their legendary famous gourmet donuts if you love food you’ll love The Smoking Barrel in Motueka!

The Wakefield Bakery 
Uncompromised quality brought to you every day from a small town bakery that will keep you coming back for more, from pies to sweets, breads and coffee locals recommend getting yourself a steak and cheese pie.

Coffee On Queen
Coffee On Queen’s super fast delicious coffee and yummy easy no frills food is a must so grab yourself a spanish croissant next time you visit!


Toastie Picton
Toastie Picton serves gourmet toasties and speciality sodas, right in the heart of the Marlborough Sounds.

The Burleigh Pie Shop
The Burleigh Pie Shop is home of the best PorkBelly Pie in town and that’s no word of a lie. Just ask the locals!

CBD Eatery
CBD Eatery has a variety of foods for you to enjoy, Made on the premises with a whole lot of love and passion ranging from Gourmet pies, Delicious salads, Sandwiches and rolls, oh and their banoffee doughnut is delicious!


Glamour Cake
The shop is fully stocked with treats like donuts, slices, cheesecakes, pies, rolls and sandwiches. You better get in quick cause their doughnuts fly out the door!

Empire Chicken
The best place to get local, happy, sustainable, delicious fried chicken in Christchurch located at Riverside Market.

Aorangi Bakery
Aorangi Bakery does the best pies in Christchurch with so many different flavours on offer. Christchurch locals tend to opt for a good ol’ steak & cheese pie.


Industry Lane Eatery
Industry Lane Eatery is a hugely popular place to get some yummy goodies! So popular the locals couldn’t decide on what was best!

Pembroke Patisserie
Pembroke Patisserie creates a range of classic patisserie offerings, including their now-famous pastries, doughnuts and savouries. You can also choose freshly made sandwiches, handmade chocolates and fresh breads from the cafe.

Balls & Bangles
Balls & Bangles take sugar rush to the next level. If you think you can handle it, their milkshakes topped with a donut and other sweet goodies look and taste AMAZING!


Jizo serves up the best Japanese cuisine and their teriyaki salmon is what they do best!

Miga Hako
Miga Hako Home of crunchy Korean Fried Chicken. Everything on the menu looks like a bit of us!

Mei Wah
Mei Wah does the best fish and chips in Otago and all the locals love the kiwi classic.


Fat Bastard Pies
If you have ever been to Invercargill you’ll know these pies are quality. Every pie is a good pie from Fat Bastard!

Industry Cafe
Industry Cafe’s Friday Doughnut Day is all the rage in Invercargill! The locals love a sweet treat to end their week and kickstart their weekend.

Esplins Dairy Gore
You’re not a Southlander if you don’t appreciate a good cheese Roll. According to our sources, Esplins Dairy in Gore does the best!

Wow! There are just so many delicious options to choose from.

If you haven’t already, make sure to vote for your favourite place to eat out in New Zealand here.