Warning: TikTok’s Frozen Honey Trend Could Give You Diarrhea

trending 12/08/2021

If you haven’t seen it already, a fun and delicious trend is going around on TikTok sent straight from the ASMR gods. 

The trend is super simple and all you need is one ingredient - Honey! By freezing the runny honey it creates a jelly-like consistency that everyone is squeezing straight into their mouths for the pleasure of our FYP!

The frozen honey trend is considered to have originated by Dave Ramirez (@daveyrz), who uploaded his frozen jelly video on July 10. Dave's video has received millions of likes and views, and he's since frozen everything from fluorescent blue maple syrup to Nerds combined with corn syrup (glucose syrup).

However, if you're thinking of giving this trend a go beware that experts have advised that the delicious treat isn't good for you at all. 

TikTok users who have given this a go have reported experiencing stomach problems and having to run to the bathroom after consuming the frozen mixture. One TikToker advised that even consuming three mouthfuls of the honey "would cause urgent bowel movements."

Stomach pains and diarrhoea are among the short-term side effects of consuming frozen honey. "Sugars, in excess, can stimulate the gut to increase water output. And that can lead to diarrhoea," dietitian nutritionist Marisa Moore, RDN, told Women's Health.

Eating a large amount of honey doesn't just affect your bowels, though, the sugar can also affect your teeth. She added: "My first thought was, 'Oh my goodness, their teeth.' Like with any chewy, sticky foods, I'm always going to worry about tooth decay or someone losing a filling."

Yikes! As fun as it may look, we think we will give this one a miss.