Pepsi Is Set To Release Alcoholic Mountain Dew In 2022

trending 13/08/2021

This one is for all the Mountain Dew lovers - three boozy versions of the popular soft drink is set to be made early next year.

The new drink brand is dubbed 'Hard Mtn Dew,' and it seems that it will blend the familiar taste of Mountain Dew with alcohol.

Oh, and two new flavours are also on the way: black cherry and watermelon.

The three drinks will be sugar-free and have an ABV (Alcohol By Volume) of around 5%. Thankfully, the Hard Mtn Dew will not be caffeinated or, we will be bouncing off the walls. 

An Unannounced fourth flavour is also in the works, and who knows what it might be. Orange? Passionfruit? or maybe Raspberry? Your guess is as good as ours!

Unfortunately, just like every other exciting overseas food/beverage product, we will have to wait. But here's hoping we see Hard Mtn Dew not too much longer after the US!