Six60 Have Just Bought Their Castle Street Flat in Dunedin

scandal 29/07/2021

We love this!! Six60 have bought the old Dunedin flat which they lived in when they first formed!

They bought it as part of the scholarship fund they're establishing with Otago University. It's going to be accomodation for Otago students as part of the scholarship, which we love!

"Excited to announce we are the proud new owners of 660 Castle Street. The place where it all began." the band wrote on Facebook.

Fans were over the moon with the news.

Talk about full circle. Congrats guys.

660 Castle Street is located in central Dunedin, is 6 bedrooms and is 142m², according to

The same website says the porperty last sold in March of this year for $1,700,000, it is not clear when Six60 bought the property.

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