Here's a preview of some new emojis you may see on your phone next year!

trending 29/07/2021

There's a new major emoji update happening soon, with a bunch of potential new emojis coming our way!

Unicode Consortium, the non-profit organisation that develops the codes and descriptions for emojis, recently released its latest "draft emoji list".

The list has a bunch of potential emojis that could become reality after the approval process in September, and the website Emojipedia has created mock examples for us to vizualise what they could actually look like. 

The list includes more expressive faces, such as a melting face, a saluting face, and a "I kinda wanna look, but also don't wanna look" face, as well as new every day items like an ID, a car tire, bubbles and heaps more.

Plus, there's a lot more inclusivity and diversity in the potential emojis list, with 15 new combinations of handshake skin tones, new non-binary emojis and a pregnant man, to help "recognize that pregnancy is possible for some transgender men and non-binary people", according to Emojipedia.

Unicode Consortium will finalize the emojis that will make the cut this September, and we'll expect to see them on our devices late this year, or early next year.

According to The Verge, usually most draft emojis make it through to becoming reality. So hopefully, we'll actually be able to use majority of those on the list.

We can't wait!