Peter Alexander and McDonald's Team Up For a New Line of Limited Edition PJs

trending 05/07/2021

Do we hate constantly being cold this Winter? Yes. Do we love though that it gives us an excuse to put our PJs on as soon as we come home and question if we really have to leave the house because we don't want to take them off? Also yes.

That's why we are almost too excited about the idea of lounging on the couch all day in Peter Alexander's new line of Limited Edition Macca's PJs. 

As part of their 50th birthday celebrations, McDonald's have teamed up with Peter Alexander to create the new line of pyjamas which they say they're as Happy a Happy Meal about (yes, we tried really hard to get that one in there).

"We are so excited to partner with Peter Alexander to launch our very own range of limited-edition Macca’s pyjamas,” said McDonald’s Australia Marketing Manager, Amanda Nakad.

"We can’t wait to see our customers sporting their iconic PJ’s and joining us in celebration of 50 years in Australia”.

Check out the full line of Macca's PJs here

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