Vegans And Pescatarian Diets May Reduce Coronavirus Severity, Study Suggests.

trending 16/06/2021

According to a new study, Vegans and Pescatarians may be less likely to get severely ill from Coronavirus.

The survey was published by BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health, and involved health workers from six countries, including more than 2,300 who had not COVID-19 and 568 who had. Of those who had coronavirus, 46 said they followed a plant-based or pescatarian diet.

The study was conducted across six countries and showed that those who had plant-based diets were 73% less likely to develop severe symptoms from COVID-19. People who ate fish but not red-meat, also had a 59% lower probability of getting seriously ill. Compared to participants following plant-based diets, those with low-carb, high-protein diets were more likely to have moderate to severe Covid-19.

The surveyors, led by a team from the United States wrote: “In six countries, plant-based diets or pescatarian diets were associated with lower odds of moderate-to-severe Covid-19.” Adding that “These dietary patterns may be considered for protection against severe Covid-19.”

Would you change your diet to protect yourself from Covid-19 symptoms? We’re definitely considering it…