People are using toilet bowls to make food in on TikTok

trending 14/06/2021

You heard right. People on TikTok are making food in toilet bowls.

In the last couple of years, TikTok has provided us with many amazing food hacks, but today’s new cooking sensation might make you never want to eat again.

TikToker Anna Rothfuss (@bananalovesyoutoo) has started to make fruit punch and milkshakes out of her toilet bowl. We shit you not!

Please don't try this at home fam. Absoutely dis-gus-tang!

We have so many questions.

Why does she have six straws in the bowl? Does she really think her mates will join her around the shithole to slurp up the toilet shake? How many times did they clean the toilet before they used it?

What has the world come to?!