Netflix drops trailer for new masked dating show 'Sexy Beasts'

trending 24/06/2021

Netflix's newest dating show 'Sexy Beasts' looks truly bizarre.

Imagine if 'The Masked Singer' and prosthetic makeup reality show 'Face Off' had a baby. A truly bizarre show like this gets born.

'Sexy Beasts' puts singles together on blind dates. But the twist is they're all wearing serious prosthetics and makeup.

No better way to get a real sense of a somebody's personality, right?

The show looks similar to some of Netflix's other reality dating shows, like 'The Circle' and 'Love is Blind'. We just can't get over how weird the make-up looks!

By the looks of the trailer - all the ingredients are there for a pretty funny show and bystanders going WTF over these weird creatures during their dates.

'Sexy Beasts' is due to drop on Netflix July 21.