Married At First Sight Are Recruiting For Their New Season

scandal 02/06/2021

It seems like Australia and New Zealand’s favourite trashy reality TV show – Married At First Sight – isn’t going anywhere, because the Australian network are recruiting for a brand new cast of (supposed) singletons. 

Married At First Sight AU are searching for “men and women of all ages and backgrounds who are genuinely committed to finding love.” to give up 4 months of their lives to take part in the “ground-breaking social experiment” which uses “science and psychology” to help singles meet their perfect partner – and we all know how that usually works out.

Married At First 9 requires recruits to be available between August and December of this year, which means the next series could be closer than we think! It’s time to prepare ourselves – emotionally, spiritually and physically – for the absolute train wreck that could be to come. This is also a perfect opportunity to ship off any of your single mates to Australia, where we can only hope they might meet the love of their lives… or just come back with a new career as an influencer.

Buckle up, NZ! 

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