INTERVIEW: Ed Sheeran shares a song he wrote for newborn baby Lyra

scandal 28/06/2021

Ed Sheeran's back with a brand new single 'Bad Habits'.

Ed Sheeran talked to Dom, Meg & Randell about how different 'Bad Habits' is to anything he has realesed yet. Ed also gave Meg advice on her path to being a new mum and shared an exclusive song he wrote for his new baby girl Lyra Antartica.

DOM: Great to have you back on our radio airwaves. I mean, we had 'Afterglow' at the end of last year, but 'Bad Habits' is something very different. We love it.

"I think 'Afterglow' for me was - I just hadn't put out anything in a long time. My fan base for the last 10 years was asking me to just make my album 'Plus' again. That sounded quite like 'Plus' to me. So I thought I'd put it out and appease my fans.

This single is about as different as it gets on the record. It's a dance tune and I've never made dance tunes before, I really wanted to make something different. But if people are worried when they listen to it, the album is relatively normal."

DOM: You're looking incredibly healthy at the moment. I saw in an interview you've dropped the fast food and you're not drinking so much. What bad habits does Ed Sheeran have now that he needs to kick?

"I still like to drink, but just not as much. I think my thing was that i'd always do everything in excess. So my bad habit. What I'm trying to do is be moderate.

I would always be like, what's the point in having one glass of wine when I can have two bottles? You know, like what's the point in having a pizza when I can have a pizza and a burger? So I'm just trying to calm it a little bit."

MEG: You're recently a new dad, I'm about to become a mum for the very first time. Nobody seems to talk about how scary it is. Even though you should be excited, I'm absolutely terrified about it...

"All I'll say is the first three months, are really, really tough. We called them the trenches. And if you just see the light at the end of the tunnel, just know, it gets absolutely glorious from about three, four months.

If you have mates, the best gift that you can receive is if they cook a frozen lasagna or something. Because you're going to have lots of cuddly toys, but you're going to have some days where you're going to be knackered and not want to cook and you can just go to the freezer and your friend will have cooked for you."

When's the album going to be released?

"I know it's in autumn, but we're just waiting to see who else is releasing in autumn."

When the borders open, no doubt you'll be keen to hit the road again. What can we expect? What year will we hope to see you back in New Zealand and will it be just you and a loop pedal or a full band?

"I think if all goes well and everything opens up 2023, I'll be out there if all goes well. But who knows? Loop pedal for sure. Band, maybe, not sure."

Watch the full interview above and listen to 'Bad Habits' below:

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