Quotes to live by from The Edge Workday Listeners

trending 06/05/2021

We asked Edge Workday listeners to share their ‘one quote that you live by.’ And they came back with some pretty inspiring and ICONIC answers. In no particular order, Here are some of our favorites.

Be Better, Not Bitter

Someone at work got the promotion you were gunning for? Did your nemesis get a better assignment grade than you? This quote is perfect for these scenarios. Be Better, Not Bitter!

Wake up. Kick Ass. Repeat.

This is totally iconic and totally self-explanatory.

You are the CEO of your life! Hire, fire and promote accordingly

Struggling to take control of life? Well, remember this quote and grab life by the balls! Dump people who aren’t making a positive difference in your life, Make new friends if you’re lacking, and bring the good people closer! You can do whatever you want!

No is a full sentence, you can just say NO.

Do you lack boundaries in your life? Constantly feel the need to explain yourself? Well, keep this inspiring quote in mind for when you just want to say NO.

You can’t light yourself on fire to keep others warm.

We know that so many people (including us…) have issues sacrificing too much in order to make other people happy, well sacrifice no more! Don’t light yourself on fire (and risk burning to death…) in order to keep other people warm. It ain’t worth it.

Don’t be a c**t.

Another iconic and self-explanatory quote. Thanks to the listener who sent this in, we all need the reminder sometimes.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

This quote basically tells us to chuck fear out the window, and we couldn’t agree more! As someone on the internet once said; Fear is the enemy of progress.

Be kind and be Fabulous.

This sounds like something RuPaul would tell us to do, so obviously, we are going to listen. Be fabulous ALWAYS.

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, never a second-rate version of someone else.

If you tend to get stuck up trying to be someone you’re not, this is the quote for you. You are SO much better off just being the best version of yourself rather than trying to mimic anyone else. Keep doing you!