Psychotherapist describes what your fave emoji says about you

scandal 17/05/2021

Want an instant personality test at your fingertips? Head into our comments section to see what your first emoji looks like and look at the meanings below! 

In a conversation with a psychotherapist, copywriter Mark Starmach discussed with psychotherapist Charlotte Stapf what each emoji says about our personalities. It could actually indicate what sort of mood we might want to convey to our friends and family. Here’s what psychotherapist Charlotte Stapf said about each emoji,

🙏 - You embody gratitude. You’re thankful for your blessings however you might feel as though you owe others or are an inconvenience. 

😂 / 🤣  - You laugh through life and are a happy person! You might feel that your opinions aren’t being taken too seriously.

😊 - Aren’t you positive! You live life optimistically however you might be putting everybody else’s needs first. You’re a peacekeeper and want to ensure everyone else is happy even if it interferes with your own happiness.

❤️/ 😍 / 😘 - You make sure to let everyone around you know that they’re loved. If a friend or family member is going through a hard time, you show them support. Remember to love those who deserve it, not everyone around you!

👍 / 👌 / 🤙 - HAKUNA MATATA! You go with the flow but you might be a little too easy going. When using this emoji ask yourself if this is what you really want or if you’re just agreeing because you’re too afraid to state what you want.

🍆 / 🍑 You’re a sexual person or might be sexually frustrated right now. Are all your conversations revolving around the peach or eggplant? Check in with yourself and see if you’re trying to satisfy yourself or people pleasing.

💩 - Either you poop a wee bit too much, or you feel left down by others. Figure out if you’re  dwelling on negativity or if your expectations are a bit too high. 

😭 - You’re really vulnerable and emotive. The crying face emoji could signify overwhelming sadness or joy. You feel things deeply and appreciate others in life. If you’re a shy person this could be how you’re releasing pent up emotions.

😢 - If you’re going through a rough patch make sure your sadness doesn’t take over your life. Seek help if life gets too much and confide in others.

🙄- We get it, other people suck and you’re over people’s selfish actions. You deal with disappointments through sarcasm. Don't be too blunt though!

🤔 - Things aren’t always what they seem in your eyes. You’re a deep thinker but often don’t trust people’s intentions or actions. 

🔥 / 💯 - You might downplay how you really feel about things in life or activities. You’re incredibly enthusiastic about everything. Remind yourself that you don’t have to agree with everything!

🙌 / 🎉 - WOOHOO! You’re a cheerleader and love a celebration whether it’s your own or friends or family. There’s no downside to celebrating life but sometimes life isn’t a party. Let your mates know that you’re there for them!

🍻 / 🍺 / 🍷 - A cheeky wine or two is all good in moderation but make sure you aren’t relying on alcohol. You love to go to the bar with your mates to socialise! 

🤞 - You’re either superstitious or just optimistic about life. You really hope things go well or maybe you’re just scared that it won’t!

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