A Dating App Which Matches You Based On Your Music Taste Is Launching

trending 03/05/2021

A dating app that matches members based on their taste in music is launching, and we are SO here for it!

POM (Power Of Music) is a brand new dating app created by 21-year old Vihan Patel and plans to eliminate the game of ‘hot or not’ that seems to drive most dating apps and replace it with making connections through music.

The basic idea behind the app is that it matches users based on their music taste. You sign up through a music streaming platform, with the initial launch being compatible with either Spotify or Apple Music. Your listening habits are then collated and analyzed before POM provides a list of matches that they believe suit your profile.

You’re still able to create a more traditional profile for your matches to view, but your music taste is what actually determines who the app presents to you.

Another unique feature of the app, which we LOVE, is that you won’t be able to make a decision on whether or not you match with someone until you’ve viewed at least 50% of their profile. Hopefully, this aspect will deter any entirely look-based decisions that we tend to find on other dating apps.

POM will also offer suggestions for dates, partnering with venues to provide users discounts on first dates, How great is that!? ‘…so if you matched with someone who also likes for example, Jason Derulo, okay he’s coming to London, here’s 20% off tickets, why don’t you go together?’ The app’s founder explained.

The app is launching in London soon, and will hopefully make its international debut later this year!

However, if you’re super keen like us, you can join the waitlist now and be the first to hear about any updates regarding the exciting new platform.