YouTube Couple Jenna Marbles And Julien Solomita Announce Their Engagement

scandal 19/04/2021

Jenna Marbles and long-term partner Julien Solomita have just announced their engagement after dating for almost 10 years.

Julien announced the exciting news on a Twitch stream last week, adding that he proposed a “little while ago” before showing off the couples’ engagement rings.

Jenna Marbles was once one of YouTubes biggest stars but quit her channel last year after due to embarrassment she had surrounding some of the content she had produced over the years.

Solomita explained to viewers that he didn’t have a particular reason for asking the big question – “I just woke up and wanted to be married to her.”

Jenna is yet to comment on the news seeing that she has been absent from social media for roughly 10 months.

We are so excited for the couple and wish them nothing but success in their engagement and future marriage!