Whittaker's release new Carrot Cake and Strawberry & Waffles chocolate

trending 15/04/2021

For years Whittaker's has been a supporter of Whānau Āwhina Plunket and the work they do for Kiwi mums and bubs.

And now they have decided to mark their years of support by releasing two new 'homely' chocolate blocks - Carrot Cake and Strawberry & Waffles.

The Carrot Cake block,  tastes like the most wonderfully homely carrot cake. It’s made from Whittaker's premium 28% white chocolate with a carrot cake flavour, and pieces of apricot and pecan.

The Strawberries & Waffles is in 28% white chocolate and apprently tastes as good as it sounds. Strawberry and Waffle pieces perfectly surrounded by their signature white chocolate.

Whittaker's says both blocks are ideal for sharing, raising a smile or two and for helping to raise money for Whānau Āwhina Plunket.

Every block sold means 20c goes toward Plunket.