Top 10 Weirdest McDonalds Locations

trending 27/04/2021

A twitter account has recently gone viral for showcasing the worlds most ‘non-standard’ McDonalds locations around the world.

There are hundreds; some including water fountains, spaceships and even dinosaurs, so The Edge has compiled the best of the best.

10. Hundertwasser McDonalds

Bad Fischau, Austria may just be home to one of the most architecturally impressive McDonalds locations ever. Designed by Austrian architect Fiedensreich Hundertwasser, the building features signature bold colours and unusual shapes. Fiedensreich would go on to complete a second project for McDonalds in the form of the Ronald McDonald house in Essen, Germany.

9. City Hall McDonalds

Located in Subotica, Serbia this McD’s location also showcases some pretty impressive architecture.  Tucked into the first floor of Subotica’s historic city hall, the building is famous for its bold and colourful Hungarian art. Inside there are chandeliers, stained glass windows and wooden panelling that have remained largely intact since the buildings completion in 1912.

8. Wall Street McDonalds

This Maccas location in the Wall Street District of New York City features a pretty impressive DJ-Booth, neon-lights and 90’s inspired diner décor. Upon opening, this location featured a live pianist, which was where the Dj-Booth now sits. As far as we are aware, this location is still in operation.

7. World of Warcraft McDonalds

During a promotion between McDonalds and the game franchise in 2014. Various standard locations around china were transformed into a World of Warcraft fantasy where customers would receive reward cards that could be redeemed in-game for limited edition items.

We’re pretty upset that these locations were only temporary, I mean, look how ominous those statues are!?

6. McTrain

This 1993 concept by The German Federal Railway was active for a short-period in 1993. Two concept dining cars were fitted with McDonald’s kitchens and a custom interior and put into service on the Hamburg – Berchtesgarden line. The cars were restocked from McDonalds locations along the route. Sadly, the concept was eventually decommissioned due to lack of popularity.

5. UFO McDonalds

Built in 1993 in Cambridgeshire, England the UFO McDonald’s is a sight to behold. Originally opened as the ‘Megatron’ restaurant in 1990, the plans for that franchise collapsed and the iconic building was refitted as a McDonald’s in 1993. The location unfortunately closed sometime in the early 2000’s and sat abandoned until it was demolished in 2008.

4. Dinosaur McDonalds

Opened in the mid 1990’s, Dinosaur McDonalds is located in Tucson, Arizona and features multiple statues of large dinosaurs on the premises. In 2020, a group known as ‘Christians Against Dinosaurs’ petitioned for the removal of the statues, but the franchise owner stood firm in response and have kept the Dinos in place.

Recently, the T-Rex at this location has been spotted wearing a face-mask.

3. The McHive

Entering the scene as the world’s smallest McDonalds in 2019, The McHive was originally constructed in Sweden and it’s the bees-knees, literally. Although this location is not accessible to humans, this mini McDonalds is a fully-functioning bee-hive fit for thousands of bees!

You can see exactly what the McHive looks like in the campaign video below:

2.  Epic McDonalds

Epic McDonalds is situated in Orlando, Florida and is known as the world’s largest entertainment McDonalds at 19k Sq Ft. Upon opening, guests would be greeted with colourful and unusual murals that cited this location as “the most unique McDonalds in the world.” The interior included many impressive statues including that of Crocodiles, Whales, past U.S presidents The Statue of Liberty and even an indoor waterfall and aquarium.

The restaurant is still active, but has since been remodelled and is nowhere near as impressive as it once was.

1. Barber Shop McDonalds

Coming in at number one is the ICONIC Barber Shop McDonalds located in Stockholm, Sweden. The store opened in 2020 and guests are able to book virtual appointments with a hairdresser for a one-on-one “COVID cut” session where they will be instructed on how to style their hair into the “Golden M”; McDonalds version of an iconic 1990’s haircut. To put is simply, this is brilliant and WE NEED MORE.