These pancake burgers are a must-have at your next brunch

trending 14/04/2021

Foodies across the ditch are obsessed with the latest food trend ‘pancake burgers’ which is two fluffy Japanese pancakes filled with strawberries, two layers of cream and butter in the centre. The delicious sweet burger originates from Pandora burger in Japan.

It reminds us of a sweeter version of a bacon and egg mcmuffin from Mcdonalds! If you’re an absolute foodie and the photo is making you drool as much as us, here’s a couple of TikTok’s that’ll help you recreate this amazing sweet treat!

How to make the fluffy japanese pancakes:

How to make fresh whipped cream:

After cooking up the fluffy pancake buns, cut up your strawberries however you’d like, pop on your whipped cream and add butter! It’s as easy as that and such an easy way to impress your friends at your next brunch. No need to jump on a plane and travel to japan for these bad boys!