Best New Zealand Store-Bought Hot Cross Buns as voted by The Edge

scandal 01/04/2021

Which is the best bun for your buck? Does your local Countdown have the best in the country? Are you a baker’s delight purist? Did you have one the other day that was so horrific you have a vendetta?

These were the pressing questions we sent out to The Edge team in an attempt to discover New Zealand’s greatest store-bought Hot Cross Bun just in time for this Easter weekend. The list goes as follows:

10.  Countdown’s Classic Raisin

Raisins in bread? We’re over it.

We understand that this may be a controversial take as raisins are a traditional Hot Cross Bun ingredient, but we think it’s time for a re-brand. Get The Raisins OUT!

9. Baker’s Delight Choc Cherry Berry

The Choc Cherry Berry has been Baker’s Delight most recent ‘trial’ flavour and we have one thing to say: Trial FAILED.

8. McCafé Hot Cross Bun

It’s a hot cross bun, what more can we say?

The McCafé Hot Cross Bun sits at number 8 although it did prove a fair bit more popular than the previous two. It’s also the only Hot Cross Bun available via drive through, so that garners extra points.

7. New World’s Traditional Hot Cross Buns

You’ll notice that New World pops up quite a few times on our list.

The Edge staff seem to be frequent New World shoppers especially when it comes to their extensive range of Hot Cross Buns. Their traditional take on the classic isn’t exceptional, but it’s not bad either.

6. Baker’s Delight Apple and Cinnamon

Despite The Edge’s dismay towards fruit in their buns, Apple seems to be an exception – especially when it comes to Baker’s Delight’s Apple and Cinnamon flavour combo.

We would also like to extend a special shoutout to the photographer at Bakers Delight – they do a great job at capturing the ‘essence’ of a Hot Cross Bun. Photo below for reference.

5. Farro Par-Baked Hot Cross Buns

Farro’s Hot Cross buns are par-baked meaning that you gotta chuck ‘em in the oven for a short time to get the full Hot Cross Bun experience. Despite the extra time these take to prepare, everything tastes good when its fresh from the oven and slathered in butter. ‘Nuf Said.

4.  Countdown’s Hershey Chocolate Buns

Coming in at number 4 are Countdown’s Hershey Choc Buns which include some of your traditional flavours but with chocolate pieces baked in. From the product title, you would expect these to be delish and thankfully they do more than live up to that expectation.

3. Countdown’s Mocha Hot Cross Buns.

Coffee and Chocolate in a hot cross bun, What more could you want?! We’re surprised no other supermarket chains have picked up on this dream-combo, because it’s made our top three!

2. Choc Chip Hot Cross Buns from Bakers Delight

These were Sharyn Casey’s (Host of The Edge Afternoons) top pick for store-bought Hot Cross Buns… and a solid number of The Edge team agreed.It seems that chocolate chips may be becoming the new raisin equivalent… just with more calories.

1.  Cinnamon Brioche Buns from New World

Coming in at the coveted number one spot are New World’s Cinnamon Brioche Buns.

These Buns combine the cinnamon aspect of the traditional Hot Cross Bun flavouring, and although THEY DO INCLUDE RAISINS (which we have discovered are a much-hated ingredient here at The Edge studios) the Sweet Cinnamon combined with Briochey, Buttery goodness makes for a combo that you can’t miss.