Fast And Furious Franchise Could Crossover With Jurassic World Franchise

trending 19/04/2021

The first Trailor for The Fast and Furious 9 has debuted last week, confirming a long-standing rumour about whether or not the cast would be going to space.

The teaser shows Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris in a vehicle with a rocket attached to it as it’s speeding through the sky. The series has proved that there’s certainly no idea that is considered too outrageous by the writers and producers of the longstanding film franchise, and director Justin Lin has agreed to this premise.

During a virtual press conference that showcased the trailer, a journalist bolding asked Justin Lin if he could one day envision a cross-over between The Fast and Furious and cult classic sci-fi film Jurassic World.

Lin responded with “Well, I’ve never said never to anything. And the fact that part of our philosophy is not to ever be boxed in our labelled.. That’s all I will say.”

Cryptic much?! We would certainly love to see the Fast and Furious crew go up against dinosaurs in a future addition to the franchise.

Michelle Rodriguez who plays Letty in the films also adds some fuel to the idea, telling reporters that “Once you reach a certain pinnacle, there’s nowhere to go but to cross band and merch, it’s what big corporations do with each-other when they get too big, you know what I mean?”

Adding that “You just have to brand and merge with each other. But with the only thing standing in the way is lawyers and studios.”

Jurassic World and The Fast And Furious are both under the ownership of Universal Studios, making the merge even more of a possibility!

You can check out the trailer for F9 here, with the film set to hit cinemas on or around June 25th.