Yellow Wiggle Emma announces engagement to fellow Wiggle member

scandal 06/04/2021

Everyone loves a bitta Wiggles news, right?

Emma the Yellow Wiggle has recently announced that her and fellow Wiggle member Oliver Brian are engaged!

Although Brian isn't a main Wiggle, he plays banjo, guitar, drums and other instruments for the iconic kids group. So, technically he's still a Wiggle!

He popped the big question at a farm, sharing the photos to Instagram.

Emma also posted to Instagram to share the news, with the caption, "when life gets more sparkly ✨💍❤️"

Emma Wiggle used to be married to Lachy the Purple Wiggle, but things ended back in 2018 after 2 years of marriage. 

In other Wiggles news, Sean from the night show opened for The Wiggles concert last week with his remix of their classic tune 'Fruit Salad'. Check it out here! 😍🍇🍉🥝