The Paranormal Activity Reboot is coming soon!

scandal 16/02/2021

Keep your eye out for the 4th of March in 2022, as the reboot for Paranormal Activity is coming! 

It currently has no title however we know that Christopher Landon is writing the script who directed other horrors such as Freaky and Happy Death Day.

He says to expect the unexpected and we’re hoping that the new reboot will have a couple of surprises to the footage style horror! It’d be hard for them to compete against a global pandemic however we’re unsure how keen we’d be to get scared out of our homes again…

There are currently six movies in the Paranormal Activity franchise and they grossed a total of $890 million however over time they dropped in popularity. The first movie in the franchise Paranormal Activity (2007) rated an 83% on rotten tomatoes whereas their last movie Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension rated low with 14%.

Here’s hoping that this movie will give the series a fresh start while also giving us a reason to scream!