Interracial couples are now included in the newest range of emojis

trending 17/02/2021

The thought of texting without emojis now is foreign, and good news today as Apple announced more new emoji designs. 

The new iOS 14.5 update will have all these new updates and is expected to land in the coming months. 

Apple is always coming up with more inclusive emojis designs as they did in November 2020 with around 100 new designs, including a piñata and a matryoshka doll. These updates always come with a background of research to best represent the emojis that are included.

The upcoming release will include, a flaming heart emoji, a mended heart and a person with a beard for both long and short hair. 

As well as a highly requested new skin tone variants for the kissing couple emoji, we finally have interracial couples (about time!)

Some more new additions include a rock climber, a new syringe and some headphones.

Of course, they had to update some Memoji features to include masks!

We love these and can't wait to start using them!