Coca-Cola has released an eco friendly, paper bottle design

trending 26/02/2021

After being voted the worst polluting brand multiple years in a row, Coca-Cola has come to the table with a brand new eco-friendly paper bottle. 

Coca-Cola has released the paper bottle prototype, which will be much less harmful to the environment. They have teamed up with a Danish company Paboco also known as the Paper Bottle company. Which specialising in creating a more eco-friendly package for companies. 

As we can imagine, there is a lot of work to make paper bottles to make them more effective than plastic. But it is now at the trial stage, which is huge progress! 

For this model to prevent the paper from getting soggy, much like the paper straw issue. They will have a very thin layer of plastic in between the paper, Michael Michelsen, business development manager at Paboco, explains, 

It's going to be a bio-based barrier, that's really something minimal, that keeps that food safe, that keeps the product safe at the same time,

So far, this is only a prototype, but from what we can see so far, we love it!