TikTok chef shocked audience with potato chip mashed potatoes

trending 27/01/2021

A TikTok “chef” has grossed out his audience by making mashed potatoes out of chips.

TikTok is a great app that allows people to share anything so long as it’s under a minute long. From dance videos, vlogs, trends to even cooking the platform is full of new things to see or learn. However sometimes we should keep our unique creations to ourselves.

Eli also known as @eliskitchen on TikTok has gone viral for his “signature cheesy mashed potatoes” but just because it’s viral doesn’t mean it’s good. 

To make the potato chip mashed potatoes (not that we think you should) here’s the recipe:

  • Put salt and vinegar in a pot of hot water 

  • When it’s at a boil, throw in a small bag of chips (he uses lays)

  • Cook the chips until the lose their shape and then drain out the liquid

Eli then decided to drink the water/potato liquid after draining the chips but please don’t.

  • Add paprika and cheese then mix it all together

  • Eat and enjoy or… just throw it away.

The comment section on this video has had a crazy response with comments such as “This feels illegal to watch” and “showed this to my dog and he threw up”.

The biggest question we have is why would someone do this and it looks as though Eli has already answered this question in his TikTok bio describing himself “the most evil chef on tiktok”. Brb going to cook something that isn’t made out of potatoes.