Contiki has a new trip for you to explore our very own NZ

scandal 25/01/2021

While we might not be able to travel around the world right now, that doesn't mean we can't travel around our own country!

If you're guttered you haven't been able to head away with Contiki on your O.E, don't worry, they've got a new trip for you to get off the grid right here in NZ.

"With unforgettable local experiences every single day. This empowering trip will truly take you off-grid" says Louise Levesque from Contiki.

The off-Grid  Auckland to Auckland trip will take you around the North Island, designed to help support local businesses.

"Journey upstream by jet boat to Blue Duck Lodge, learn to surf in Raglan, listen the dawn chorus surrounded by the treetops of ancient redwoods, and stay on a Marae."

Get all the info on the new trip here