Bumble bans body shaming and we're here for it!

scandal 29/01/2021

Bumble has decided to ban body shamers and any derogatory comments made about someone's appearance. They updated their terms and conditions while making it clear that body shaming is not acceptable in the app or in real life.

“Body shaming includes fat shaming, health shaming, criticizing skin or hair, thin shaming, unsolicited opinions, and mocking someone’s physical features.“

It's more than just telling someone they’re fat or they’re skinny. In dating apps it can occur with simple aggressions such as having a profile that says “Real women have curves” or “Normal size only”. If it makes someone feel bad about their body it’s shaming.

Bumble highlighted that body shaming can cause mental and sometimes physical harm to users. If you’re nervous that you might be banned for body shaming here’s a couple of tips to follow.

  • If you aren’t physically attracted to someone swipe left.

  • Remember that “be mean, keep ‘em keen” doesn’t actually work. 

  • Ask yourself,  if someone said this to me would it make me feel good about myself?

If you have been body shamed before remember that your worth is not defined by your appearance. Your worth is defined by whatever you value, not by what others think. 

“People who use body shaming language in their profile or through the Bumble app’s chat function will receive a warning for their inappropriate behavior, and repeated incidents or particularly harmful comments will result in being banned from the platform. If body shaming happens to you on Bumble you can report it using tools within the app, which include Block & Report, Unmatch & Report, and Hide & Report.”

Good on Bumble for creating a space that doesn’t condone body shaming. It's an exciting time to know that we are creating an accepting environment that combats toxic dating environments. Be proud of who you are and remember that when you're online dating, you don’t owe anyone anything because they’re lucky to be in your presence!

You can read bumbles statement on its body shaming ban here.