Bridgerton is making corsets sell out worldwide

trending 25/01/2021

The Bridgerton craze is sweeping across the world, so it was only a matter of time before the fashion was embraced too. The hit Netflix show is set in the 1800s, and all the girls are wearing corsets. As a result of the show's popularity, corsets are running out of stock online, no we're not kidding. 

Corsets have been around for years, with women squeezing into the tiny garment, but even though they're not the most comfortable, they're now super hard to get your hands on. The team at Lyst have seen a huge 123% rise in searches for them, as well as pearl headbands.

We have found some super cool ones on Amazon, and you won't be able to think about it for a day or two, or they will sell out check them out here