Kim Kardashian put her kids' Elves on the Shelf in quarantine till Christmas

scandal 16/12/2020

Kim Kardashian just became a Grinch and straight-up killed the Christmas spirit by “quarantining” her elf on the shelf collection until Christmas.

In an Insta story on Monday morning, Kim shared proof of her elves being quarantined inside mason jars.

“I cant take it anymore!! Our elves are in quarantine for 10 days. I keep forgetting to move them! I need a break”.

She also added a note from the elves to make it look a bit more authentic, explaining why they’re out of action:

“We are on a 10 day quarantine! We still have our magic and will be back to flying around in 10 days,” she/the elves wrote.

Kim Kardashian really is the Grinch this Christmas.

But hey. 2020 has been a year, so who are we to judge?