Wine infused Gelato Scoop Shop opens just in time for summer

trending 06/11/2020

Wine infused gelato just in time for summer!

We've got the inside scoop on the new LF Seltzer Scoop Shop – serving wine seltzer infused gelato just in time for summer.

The scoop shop experience includes a pop-up parlour, complete with ultra-grammable see-saw and scoopalicious servers. How good!

From Thursday to Sunday every week in November the LF Seltzer Scoop Shop will be serving LF Seltzer spiked gelato and a selection of boozy toppings created by local ‘ice-perts’ Island Gelato Company.

It's currently set up inside Auckland's Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen - with every can of LF Seltzer purchased giving people a ticket for a free scoop of their choice.

There are three delish gelato and seltzer matches on offer – Yuzu, Mint & Cucumber with Sauvignon Blanc is perfectly paired with a light and zingy scoop of the same flavours, Strawberry and Hibiscus with Rosé meets its match in a sweet, smooth and moreish mouthful and Pear and Ginger with Pinot Gris is teamed with the gruntiest of the bunch, a full-bodied gelato with subtle sharpness.

So what are you waiting for, it’s not gonna lick itself…