New study proves dogs go through a mid life crisis

trending 23/10/2020

This is one of the saddest things we've heard, according to a new study our dogs have a midlife crisis too. 

The new study, which was published in Scientific Reports, has claimed that dogs will suffer from a personality change during their midlife crisis. They studied Border Collies between 6 months and fifteen years old and would perform (harmless) tests on them and then again in a few years. The plan was to "specify age periods when changes most prominently occur, assess the magnitude of changes, and analyse individual differences in personality change."

They found that dogs that are older than three years old start to find new things less exciting and arent keen on them. For dogs, three is considered middle age which is pretty sad! 

Personality changes were also found at middle age, and when a dog hits six years old their personality won't change, so if your dog is pretty scared as a young puppy and still is at six, it's unlikely that will fade. So we are all going to cuddle our dogs a wee bit harder as their mid-life crisis seems rough!