John Legend emotionally performs 'Never Break' for Chrissy Teigen after pregnancy loss

scandal 16/10/2020

John Legend dedicated an emotional performance to his wife Chrissy Teigen at the Billboard Music Awards earlier this week. 

The performance came two weeks after the couple revealed they tragically experienced a pregnancy loss

“This is for Chrissy,” Legend says before he begins his heart-felt rendition of 'Never Break' from his latest album 'Bigger Love'

The lyrics to the song talk about hardship in relationships, with lyrics such as:

Whenever life is hard, we'll never lose our way, 'cause we both know who we are.

We will never break. As the water rises, and the mountains shake, our love will remain.

Check out a one-minute-snippet of the performance, from Independent, down below. 

This one really got us in the feels.