Carole Baskin is sick of people asking about her missing husband

trending 08/07/2020

Hey, you cool cats and kittens. Carole has asked everyone to stop asking where her husband is on the website Cameo. A few days after she announced she would be doing birthday shoutouts she has been spammed with requests of people wanting to know where Don Lewis went.

The Best TV show of lockdown had to be Tiger King, and it raised many questions about where Carole Baskins first husband is. The main theory is that he's in a septic tank on her farm, and the people are going straight to Carole to try to confirm the theory. 

After all the requests on Cameo she has revealed to TMZ that, 

I decline their requests to say things that would make fun of my husband’s disappearance,

“Because that was such a tragic time in my life, and in that of those who loved him.”

So the mystery still stands, where the heck is Don Lewis!?