Kodak is selling the world’s largest puzzle to keep you busy during lockdown

trending 17/04/2020

If you’ve made your way through every puzzle in the house by now and consider yourself a bit of a master, we bring you your next challenge: the World’s Largest Puzzle.

Photography company Kodak has developed a giant puzzle of 27 wonders of the world, and we guarantee it will take you more than just a couple of days. 

The monster puzzle actually comes as 27 individually wrapped puzzles with 1900 pieces each. They come together to create the 51,300 piece finished product. That’s pretty impressive considering the standard puzzle is usually about 1000 pieces. 

Each puzzle makes up a beautiful photo taken by a professional photographer, which can be joined together to form the world’s largest puzzle measuring 1.9m x 8.7m. Yeah, that’s pretty damn big. 

It understandably doesn’t come cheap though - the giant puzzle will set you back about $830 NZD. When you think about how many hours you’ll spend on it though, that’s probably pretty decent time-for-money value...