This restaurant made a record-breaking pizza with 257 different cheeses

trending 07/03/2020

Brace yourselves cheese lovers, because the pizza of your dreams has just arrived. 

Thanks to a restaurant owner in Lyon, France, a world record-breaking pizza topped with 257 different varieties of cheese now exists and we’re drooling just thinking about it. 

Benedict Bruel manages the Déliss' Pizza restaurant in Lyon, and decided to construct a beautifully cheesy creation on Saturday 22 February, intending to break the world record for the most cheeses on a pizza.

This previous record was held by Johnny Di Francesco over in Melbourne, Aussie in September 2018, making a pizza with 154 different types of cheese.

Benedict describes France as a 'country of cheese', so he thought it was only right that he not only broke, but smashed the record.

“I told myself that we, the French, with our country of cheese, we could easily put 100 more... We couldn't even see the tomato sauce anymore,” he said. 

Benedict made sure to do his research so the pizza would be officially recognised, ensuring it complied with the Guinness World Records requirements.

"The pizza had to be 30 centimetres wide and there should be at least two to four grams of different cheeses."

But even in France, he found it hard to gather up so many different cheese varieties:

"People laughed when I went to the checkout several times with about 60 cheeses."

After visiting several different supermarkets, Benedict topped up his cheese collection with visits to dairies in Beaujolais and Mornant, spending a total of almost €1,000 ($1779 NZD).

Making the pizza took over two hours, and Benedict says it turned out pretty good - but unsurprisingly a 'small piece is enough'.

"[With] the time to unpack the cheeses and shape the dough, the making of the pizza lasted almost two hours and 20 minutes. People think it's sickening, but it's not. It is a pizza made for several people, a small piece is enough to appreciate. For the aperitif, it's perfect,” he said. 

A Guinness World Records spokesperson said they had received the record application, saying:

"We are currently pending evidence from the applicant. Once we have received the required evidence, our records team will begin to investigate whether the attempt has met the guidelines and achieved the record title."

In the meantime, Benedict plans on creating more of the 257-cheese pizzas, as he has so much of each variety left over.

"There is still enough to make thirty pizzas like this,” he said. 

BRB, flying to France. 

Check out the whole pizza-making process below (but just a warning, the vid is in French...)