The Killers prove 'Mr Brightside' is the perfect song to wash your hands to

trending 17/03/2020

Nothing gets a dance floor going more than Mr. Brightside being blasted through the speakers and now there's a new reason to bring that party to your bathroom. 

 Everyone is taking washing their hands very seriously at the moment (but to be fair, you should be doing that even without a virus going around) and it turns out MR. Brightside is the perfect song to sing while you're doing it.

The Killers' frontman, Brandon Flowers shared a video on twitter of him singing 20 seconds of the iconic song, the length of time you're meant to be washing your hands for.

Give this a go next time you head to the bathroom today*.

*Disclaimer, you'll probably end up wanting to sing the whole song instead of just the 20 secs you were meant to.