'P.S I Love You' is getting a sequel so get ready to cry your heart out all over again

trending 13/02/2020

Just when you thought you'd finally gotten over the emotional rollercoaster that was P.S I Love you, it's back for another ride.

A sequel to the hit movie, starring Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank,  has just been confirmed by Alcon Entertainment after announcing that they acquired the film rights to Postscript, the sequel to the 2003 novel that the film was based on.

The original story follows the journey Holly who, after the death of her husband Gerry, finds 10 letters, each signed with 'P.S I love you', left behind by her late husband to help her move on now that he's gone.

The sequel is set seven years after Gerry's death with Holly being drawn back to the notes when her sister asks her to re-tell the story on her podcast. 

The cast and release date is yet to be announced.