These sisters make extra cash from putting up other people's Xmas trees

trending 20/12/2019

Personally, decorating the Christmas tree is one of the most exciting parts of the holiday season for us. Expecially if you do it with your loved ones - it's cute quality time to spend together. 

But not everyone has the time or energy to spend on putting up a pretty tree, which is where these Aussie sisters found their opening. 

Veronika Gentile and her sister Giovanna Avati grew up watching their mum craft an extravagant and colour coordinated Christmas tree every year, and they were clearly passed on the creative genes. 

When the Melbourne-based ladies had families of their own, they spent just as much time and care on decorating their trees to the point where their friends noticed:

"Four years ago I told my husband I wanted to deck out the house for Christmas," said Veronika, the mum-of-two, "I started getting a lot of attention from friends, they loved my ornaments, and one of them even asked if I would set up their tree for them,"

At first the sisters did the work for free, but soon they started charging $26 an hour, with each tree taking about 2 hours to set up. They use the extra cash they make to pay for their family Christmas lunch. 

The sisters mostly just use what their clients have on offer - they use the decorations and trees people already have to create a masterpiece. 

"It's all about positioning. For my own tree I place my ornament, stand back and figure out if it works in that space. I do the same thing for other people," Veronika said.

Maybe a side-hustle to consider for next year? Sounds like easy and fun money to us!