Take a look at Jeffree Star's insane new mega mansion

scandal 10/12/2019

Jeffree star has just added one major item to his empire, and OMG, we want an invite. 

The popular YouTuber has just bought a mega-mansion valued at $14.6 USD with boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. 

He previously lived in a $4 million home with celebrity neighbours such as Will Smith. When asked about his new home Jeffree said that he simply outgrew his old mansion and the new house just cannot compare. 

The house is something we could only dream of visiting, look at these stairs...

The massage room, 

A home gym, just so you don't have to leave the house,

An elevator for the post-gym workout when the stairs are too hard, 

And this insane courtyard which would host the best parties. So we will just wait for our invite!