Nutella's new chocolate hotel will make all your chocoholic dreams come true

trending 24/11/2019

All your chocolatey dreams have come true - Nutella is opening up its very own hotel!

In early 2020 the official Nutella hotel will open its doors in the Napa Valley in the US. Hotella Nutella will be a pop-up hotel experience held over one weekend. 

Guests will be treated to massive Nutella jars and themed décor including alarm clocks, furniture and bedding including fluffy croissant pillows.

Pancake art extraordinaire Dancakes will also be there to create incredible pancake portraits using our favourite choc-hazelnut spread.

However, just like Willy Wonka's golden tickets, this hotel is incredibly exclusive. Only three winners will be chosen from a contest - which is unfortunately only open to US residents.

We'd love to hope after all this hype that the Hotella Nutella will stay around for a bit longer- so we can all live out our chocoholic dreams!