This driver literally survived a 'Final Destination' style crash with a logging truck

trending 22/10/2019

Talk about our worst nightmare!

Final Destination is one of those movies were even though you saw it years and years ago, there's still a part of it that stays with you.

And that part makes you double think every time you go to the movies, a theme park or, in this case, when you're driving behind a logging truck (which I've refused to do ever since watching the movie, that's a straight up NOPE from me).

But someone who that wasn't a NOPE for was this driver in Georgia,USA (although it should've been).

Just like in the movie, the driver's car was literally impaled by 30-40 logs after rear-ending the truck and somehow, he managed to survive.


Whitfield County Fire Department shared the unbelievable photos on facebook of the crash which left the driver with just minor injuries.

The driver had bent down to get something when he smashed into the back of the truck but while the action was what caused the truck, it was also what saved his life.

"It was as if it was almost created just for his head," Fire Chief Edward O'Brien told CNN.