The End Of The F***ing World Season 2 trailer is here with one important character missing

scandal 31/10/2019

November's just around the corner which means so is a brand new season of one of Netflix's biggest shows!

Ahead of season 2 next month, Netflix has released the first trailer for The End Of The F***ing World but we couldn't help but notice one of the characters missing from it. 

Spoilers if you haven't watched the end of season one, (although if that was the case, we don't see why you'd be here reading this, and not and home finishing the season...)  but after the cliffhanger, we were left wondering if James was still alive. 

And that's still the case now as the trailer gives nothing away about the fate of the main character. Instead, we see a whole lot of Alyssa who's wondering around in a wedding dress as well as our first look at a brand new character, Bonnie. 

Fair to say, we can't wait to find out what it all means and what happened to James when the show finally comes out on Netflix!

Watch the full trailer below: