Stranger Things 4 has started filming and Hopper's truck was spotted on set

scandal 17/10/2019

Hopper, is that you!?

Filming for season four of Stranger Things appears to have already started after one eagle eyed fan spotted crew near the show's set in Georgia.

But there was one thing that's sent fans wild with excitement...Hopper's truck!

Following THAT cliffhanger in the finale of Stranger Things season four, fans have been left wondering about the fate of one of our fave characters, Hopper.

But if the post credit scene showing the Russians had an American in captivity wasn't enough to give you hope, these new photos just might. 

But it looks liken for now at least, we'll just have to wait to find out the fate of Hopper but in good news, with filming having started, we're getting closer to the new season!